Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Black Friday

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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Frog Racing Tips

If you need extra coins or looking for a specific breed of frog, the pocket frogs race can help! Although a spectator sport, you are responsible for the frog you choose to race. If you look carefully you will see "speed" and "stamina" with the stats listed. You want to pick your frog with the highest of both numbers to race. Other frogs are are randomly choosen to race with your frog are usually in the same "level family". So, pay attention to the racing stats of your frog before sending it out to the track! Oh, and if you frog can manage to eat a fly or two along the way, it will boost his stamina...of course this is out of your control, just sayin'.

If you get first place, you can choose to either take a prize of coins, or to have one of the competing frogs mailed to you. There are often glass frogs or chroma frogs in the races, so this is a great way to get those rare types of frogs! If you win 2nd or 3rd place, you will win some coins. If you get 4th or 5th place, you don't get a prize.
Coin prizes for level 1 - First: 66, Second: 47, Third ?
Coin prizes for level 2 - First: 75, Second ?, Third ?
Coin prizes for level 3 - First: 119, Second: 85, Third ?
Coin prizes for level 4 - First: 232, Second 166, Third: ?
Coin prizes for level 5 - First: 476, Second: 340, Third: 204
Coin prizes for level 12 - First: ?, Second: ?, Third: 3561
Coin prizes for level 13 - First: 9621, Second: 6872, Third: 4123

    On Pocket Frog Fanatic created a list of frogs by racing speed:

    Friday, November 5, 2010

    Article: Pocket Frogs

    Red Dot Diva observes that one of the key ingredients of a successful electronic game is its addictive factor. People generally don't keep buying drugs because of their good non-toxic values, do they? ;)

    When "Pocket Frogs" was featured as a Free app to download on her iTunes one day, Red Dot Diva decided to give it a try. She quickly found Nimblebit's free "Pocket Frogs" game to be super-addictive. The game is straightforward but sometimes, simplicity does have its good points.

    On a basic level, "Pocket Frogs" is about breeding and growing a bunch of oh-sooooo-cute froggies in different habitats that one may own.

    A player can take the frogs to the Pond and tame them, or keep them "happy" by eating lots of buzzing dragonflies. While hopping from lily pad to lily pad, the frogs can also find gifts, which may consist of extra frog-money, other frog breeds, stamps or potions. (More on those later!)

    While doing the lily-pad-pond-dance, the frog could also breed with other "wild" frogs by unceremoniously plopping on top of a chosen mate. Apparently those webbed creatures don't even flirt or bat a nictitating membrane... The hoppity sluts! ;)

    These colourful froggies have three basic traits - their primary base colour, a secondary pattern colour, and the type of pattern itself. One could breed and check the possible outcomes from the frogs that are already placed in the habitats. The outcomes are based on genetics and a roll of the dice (unless both parent-frogs are of the exact same pattern, then you'll get the same pattern-offspring).

    Although... Red Dot Diva muses - does it mean that the happier the parent-frog, the higher the chance the offspring will take the appearance of that parent?
    See entire article here.

    To check out an American charity "Save The Frogs", click here. Pocket Frogs - NimbleBit Pocket

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    Thursday, November 4, 2010

    Frog Racing How To

    Lot of questions about how to race your frog. Here is the answer from NimbleBit,
    Yes, it is a spectator sport. The only influence you have is picking the frog to race and increasing it's happiness before the race start.

    Pocket Frogs - NimbleBit Pocket