Sunday, December 25, 2011

Pocket Frog Cheat Update

These are several game glitches and secrets that are hidden in the game that are useful. They aren't really cheats, but, they're just... there. A glass chroma anura and a black muscus adamantis breeding are unable to give birth to a black chroma adamantis, it is unknown why. A white tingo roboris and a glass chroma pingo breeding are unable to give birth to a white tingo roboris, it is unknown why. An olive folium serpentis and a golden chroma floresco breeding are unable to give birth to a olive folium serpentis, it is also unknown why. A white tingo clunicula and a glass chroma corona breeding are unable to give birth to a white tingo CORONA. i don't know why, but when i was trying to do the set 'Bullseye', i discovered this cheat. Multiple frog winnings in a race: whenever you win a race, instead of touching just one frog, touch... well, more than one frog, if you touch the frogs at the same time, all frogs you touch will be sent to your mailbox. Also, once the message comes up asking you if you want a frog mailed to you, keep "rubbing" the place where a frog was, and eventually it will add that frog to the list of frogs sent to you, it is possible to obtain the same frog multiple times in this way Mail box Cheat This is a very cool glitch, considering if you are a low level player, you may get very valuable frogs. It is quite simple really, first, you empty your mailbox, except for one frog, which should be delivered (I reccomend it being a valuable frog, because many times you'll get multiple of them in your mailbox after you do the cheat), empty your Nursery, too. Place the frog in your nursery with TWO 2 fingers, tapping the nursery at the same time. You will get 2 of that frog, AND your mailbox now has 255 random items in it!! You can also steal items from your neighbors mailboxes, as when you visit them, it will copy all the items in your neighbor's mailbox to yours. WARNING about the mail box cheat - When you do this cheat, it will make all your items you find in the pond or order from the frogmart or accept from a neighbor go to the very bottom of your mailbox, and you cannot do anything in your mailbox until the items are delivered or they will be gone. Pocket Frogs - NimbleBit Pocket