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Pocket Frogs Excel!

Pocket Frogs - NimbleBit
Tip #1 After your baby  frog has hatched – take him to the pond, hop around and eat flies – he’ll be mature real soon (each fly takes away about one minute of it’s mature time). Also the bigger the fly, the more the time to mature is reduced.
Tip #2 A new frog will not contain a color or pattern that does not appear on at least one of the parents.The only exception to this is the base color – sometimes breeding two frogs with different base color together there is a small chance that the new frog will have a glass body.
Tip #3 One of the easier and less involved ways to make some extra money is to keep two copies of your most expensive frog and then breed them. If you want to eek out a little extra, keep a habitat with lots of +happiness items and move the frogs into there for awhile before you sell. While they’re sitting in there getting happier, you can have another set of 8 in egg form. Rinse and repeat.
Tip #4 Cross breed level 1 frogs with level 7 frogs gives you 300+ xp each time. If you have the coins, you can always just sell the eggs for a lost and keep breeding.
Habitat effect on frog happiness
Each frog gains about half a percent from each point of scenery happiness, they also gain happiness from each other frog in the tank. They gain this happiness over time.
Hatching time
The time it takes to hatch is 10% of the total time. So 10 hours would be 1 hr or 30 mins would take 3 mins.
In Pocket Frogs, there are 13,800 different breeds you can collect, create and share. Each breed is determined by three genetic attributes: Base Color, Pattern Color, and a Pattern. The name of the breed is given by the names of the attributes used to create the frog, eg Green Voila Marmorea. There are 23 base colors, 15 pattern colors and 40 patterns. Patterns become unlocked as the player levels up.
Pocket Frogs - NimbleBit
Base Colors
Aqua, Azure, Beige, Black, Blue, Cocos, Emerald, Glass, Golden, Green, Lime, Marine, Maroon, Olive, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Royal, Tangelo, Violet, White, Yellow
Pattern Colors
Albeo, Aurum, Bruna, Caelus, Cafea, Callaina, Carota, Ceres, Floris, Folium, Muscus, Picea, Pruni, Tingo, Viola
Adamantis, Africanus, Amfractus, Anura, Arbor, Biplex, Bovis, Calvaria, Calyx, Cesti, Clunicula, Corona, Crustalli, Floresco, Insero, Ligo, Lucus, Magus, Marmorea, Mixtus, Nasus, Nimbillis, Ocularis, Ornatus, Partiri, Pingo, Puncti, Roboris, Sagitta, Serpentis, Sol, Spinae, Stellata, Tribus, Velatus, Veru, Viduo, Zebra


Pocket Frogs - NimbleBit

  • Pocket Frogs has many Awards for collecting specific species which you can tap on the "Awards" section and read about.
  • Once you know of a specific species you need, it is up to you to figure out what species you will end up with when two different species breed.
  • You do not have to have 2 of the same species to breed in the game but you can breed two of the same which will give you another of the same species.
  • When you want to see possible combinations tap on the Main Menu and then tap on the "Breed" button.
  • This will take you to the Breed Screen. Here you can choose which frogs you wish to breed together and see the possible outcomes.
  • The cost of breeding these frogs will be shown at the bottom of the screen.
  • If you want to proceed with breeding them simply tap on it and an egg will be placed in your Nursery Habitat.
  • If not, just continue on checking it with different breeds until you find a combination you can use to win awards.
  • NOTE - If you have the time write down the combinations to save you time in the future or take screen shots when in the breed screen.
  • NOTE - If no species are available that can breed with each other you will be notified.
  • Good luck! :)
Pocket Frogs - NimbleBit
  • If I am going to sell a frog I always tame it first so I can then catalog it incase it is one that I think I could need at a later date.
  • I always make sure my frog is happy to the max before I sell, it then will sell for the maximum amount which obviously means more coins for me.
  • If I need some extra coins I get my rarest frog and breed it with another of the same kind to tame and sell.
  • Not everyone is aware but if you have a baby frog in the nursery and you need to speed it up to become an adult, you can take it to the pond and whilst taming it and eating flies it speeds the growing process up.
  • If you are going to visit the pond, always try to have a few spaces available in your nursery. You are certain to bump into another frog and it is worth breeding with them if you do!
  • The same goes for your mailbox always try to keep it lower than the max 8 items for two reasons. Firstly if you are visiting the pond you may find a present you want to keep. Secondly, one of your friends may want to send a frog but you wil not be able to recieve it unless you have room.
Pocket Frogs - NimbleBit
Pocket Frogs - NimbleBit

Friday, September 24, 2010

Critical Breeding List / Award List

Pocket Frogs - NimbleBit

Award Primary Secondary Pattern Qty
I Choose You Yellow Tingo Anura 8
Single Rainbow Red Albeo Anura 1
Single Rainbow Orange Albeo Anura 1
Single Rainbow Yellow Albeo Anura 1
Single Rainbow Green Albeo Anura 1
Single Rainbow Blue Albeo Anura 1
Single Rainbow Purple Albeo Anura 1
Single Rainbow Pink Albeo Anura 1
Muddy Buddies Cocos Cafea Crustalli 8
Frog Soldiers Olive Bruna Velatus 1
Frog Soldiers Beige Ceres Velatus 1
Frog Soldiers Black Albeo Velatus 1
Code Red Red Tingo Crustalli 1
Code Red Red Tingo Marmorea 1
Code Red Red Tingo Zebrae 1
CMYK Azure Picea Anura 1
CMYK Violet Picea Anura 1
CMYK Yellow Picea Anura 1
CMYK Black Picea Anura 1
Grapevine Purple Folium Clunicula 8
Brownies Cocos Cafea Marmorea 1
Brownies Cocos Cafea Velatus 1
Brownies Cocos Cafea Bovis 1
Bacon Bits Maroon Ceres Marmorea 8
Feeling Blue Blue Caelus Adamantis 1
Feeling Blue Blue Caelus Viduo 1
Feeling Blue Blue Caelus Stellata 1
Peanut Butter Jelly Beige Pruni Marmorea 8
Ninja Dojo Black Picea Serpentis 1
Ninja Dojo Black Picea Partiri 1
Ninja Dojo Black Picea Zebrae 1
Polka Party White Carota Puncti 1
Polka Party White Viola Puncti 1
Polka Party White Caelus Puncti 1
Polka Party White Muscus Puncti 1
Greenbacks Emerald Muscus Crustalli 1
Greenbacks Emerald Muscus Puncti 1
Greenbacks Emerald Muscus Roboris 1
Ladybugs Red Picea Puncti 8
Yellow Fever Yellow Aurum Zebrae 1
Yellow Fever Yellow Aurum Crustalli 1
Yellow Fever Yellow Aurum Anura 1
Safari Beige Bruna Africanus 4
Safari White Picea Zebrae 4
Black and White White Picea Puncti 1
Black and White White Picea Roboris 1
Black and White White Picea Spinae 1
Diamondbacks Beige Bruna Adamantis 8
Banana Bunch Golden Bruna Puncti 1
Banana Bunch Golden Bruna Crustalli 1
Banana Bunch Golden Bruna Velatus 1
Orange County Orange Carota Partiri 1
Orange County Orange Carota Zebrae 1
Orange County Orange Carota Marmorea 1
2 bee or not 2 bee Golden Picea Partiri 2
Tree Hug Cocos Folium Anura 1
Tree Hug Cocos Folium Nasus 1
Tree Hug Cocos Folium Clunicula 1
Jailbirds Black Albeo Partiri 8
Jailbirds2 White Picea Partiri 8
Purple Pride Purple Viola Puncti 1
Purple Pride Purple Viola Clunicula 1
Purple Pride Purple Viola Bovis 1
Fruit Stripe Emerald Albeo Partiri 1
Fruit Stripe Yellow Albeo Partiri 1
Fruit Stripe Red Albeo Partiri 1
Fruit Stripe Orange Albeo Partiri 1
Pretty in Pink Royal Floris Roboris 1
Pretty in Pink Royal Floris Viduo 1
Pretty in Pink Royal Floris Clunicula 1
Watermellon Green Floris Nasus 8
Valentine Violet Albeo Roboris 8
Gold Rush Golden Aurum Spinae 1
Gold Rush Golden Aurum Cesti 1
Gold Rush Golden Aurum Serpentis 1
Cattle Drive White Bruna Bovis 4
Cattle Drive wht Picea Bovis 4
Earth Day Azure Folium Bovis 8
Citrus Mixtus Yellow Aurum Mixtus 1
Citrus Mixtus Lime Folium Mixtus 1
Citrus Mixtus Orange Carota Mixtus 1
Tiger Style Tangelo Albeo Calyx 8
Black Widows Black Tingo Viduo 8
Team America Blue Albeo Stellata 3
Team America Maroon Albeo Partiri 5
Guilde to the Galaxy Black Aurum Stellata 8
Red China Red Aurum Stellata 8
Rattlefrogs Cocos Ceres Serpentis 8
Snake Den Olive Folium Serpentis 8
Yin and Yang Black Albeo Spinae 1
Yin and Yang White Picea Spinae 1
Dizzypads Blue Folium Spinae 8
Cloudback Azure Albeo Spinae 8
Nimblebits Black Albeo Nimbillis 8
Band Together Black Callaina Cesti 1
Band Together Black Folium Cesti 1
Band Together Black Floris Cesti 1
Band Together Black Carota Cesti 1
Foul Line Olive Albeo Cesti 8
River Rock Black Caelus Cesti 8
Asphalt Camouflage Black Aurum Cesti 8
Endangered 1 Red Albeo Sagitta 1
Endangered 1 Purple Carota Amfractus 1
Endangered 2 Marine Picea Ornatus 1
Endangered 2 Maroon Aurum Sol 1
Endangered 3 Lime Caelus Lucus 1
Endangered 3 Black Floris Ligo 1
Endangered 4 Violet Callaina Corona 1
Endangered 4 Cocos Folium Arbor 1
Legendary 1 Olive Albeo Ocularis 1
Legendary 1 Violet Caelus Insero 1
Legendary 2 Black Albeo Biplex 1
Legendary 2 Blue Albeo Pingo 1
Legendary 3 Black Floris Calvaria 1
Legendary 3 Olive Folium Floresco 1
Legendary 4 Yellow Pruni Magus 1
Legendary 4 Green Aurum Veru 1
Source: Google Docs
At any time you can take any of your frogs back to the pond, which will allow them to fill up on dragonflies to increase their happiness. In addition, you will randomly stumble across presents which could be an additional frog, new backgrounds or objects for your habitat, coins, or the various in-game consumables. Also, there are other frogs bouncing about the pond which you will run in to, and when you jump to the same lilly pad you have the option to breed with said frog.
Initially, breeding frogs seems fairly simple but as you progress further in to the game it actually gets quite complex. Basically, frogs have three traits: Their base color, their pattern color, and the pattern itself. When you breed two frogs you’re shown the possible outcome, which could be up to 8 different combinations of colors and patterns. You can either breed frogs just for the fun of creating new frogs with cool colors and patterns, or you can shoot for the various goals in the game.
Pocket Frogs is host to tons of different awards (each coming with their own experience point bonus) which involve breeding to collect a certain number of specific frogs of various colors. You can either complete these challenges entirely on your own by breeding your existing frogs and collecting new ones either by buying them with coins at the in-game store, finding them in the pond, or breeding with other frogs in the pond. Alternatively, if you have other friends playing the game, they can send you the frogs you’re missing (or the ones you need to breed with) via an in-game mail system. In addition to awards, there are also frog requests that you can take which act like an in-game quest system that require a specific breed of frog. These are completed the same way.

Tip # 5

Pocket Frogs - NimbleBit
As you level up, you’ll be able to buy more habitats – up to 8 total. You can also Catalog mature, tame frogs. This allows them to be re-ordered at any time. There’s a limit to how many frogs you can catalog, they cost more than their max sell price, and they take the same time to get through the mail system as buying them does. But if you’re thoughtful about cataloging, you can get most of your color and pattern options safely in there so you’re free to fill your habitats up with scary breeding experiments.
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Pocket Frogs Max Value Index


Pocket Frogs - NimbleBit

Pocket Frogs - NimbleBit
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Pocket Frogs

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Black Callaina Cesti

Pocket Frogs - NimbleBit for iPhone
Pocket Frogs - NimbleBit for iPad

Pocket Frogs Reaches 500,000 Downloads In 5 Days

Pocket Frogs - NimbleBit
Pocket FrogsWe all knew based on our review that Nimblebit had something going on with Pocket Frogs. What we didn’t know is just how extremely successful it would turn out. It’s been at the top on the iTunes Top Free charts for days.
Pocket Frog
Discover, collect, trade, and breed over 10,000 unique frogs on your iOS device, anytime, anywhere!

★ Trade frogs and habitat items with friends
★ Breed a diverse and unique collection of frogs
★ Play anytime, online or off
★ Beautiful high resolution Retina graphics
★ Customize and decorate each of your frog habitats
★ Over 60 challenging awards to earn
★ View your friends' habitats and frogs
★ Different in-game items available every day
★ Explore the pond to find rewards and discover rare frogs

Pocket Frogs 101

Tip #1: Big Flies = 10 points towards the next level. All other flies gain no points after your frog has reached 100% happiness. So, if you would like to search for gifts and are at 100%, just go for the largest flies.

Tip #2: Check out the "rewards" star on the home menu. Try to arrange your frogs in an organized manner. I have copied a list here for you to look at while surfin' the pond. If you recieve a gift of a frog, you know whether to keep it or let it go.

Tip #3: There can only be 8 frogs per habitat, and habitats aren't easy to come by. So, be choosy when recieving gifts and breeding. Set goals according to the "rewards" chart and stick with it.